In the day-to-day running of your vehicle, the value of your car may not be important. But, when looking to sell, upgrade, or perhaps reshuffle your finances, the value of your vehicle suddenly becomes important. So how do you work out the value of your car? Continue reading to find out!

Determine Market Value

First, you need to determine an estimate market value of your car. Typically, the easiest and quickest way to do this is to use an online vehicle valuation calculator. Alternatively, you can look at local sales guides or
go to a dealership.

You will find a number of valuation guides and calculators on the internet, most commonly, these will be underpinned by three key sources:

Check the Exterior and Interior of Your Car

When you’re selling your car, looks can be a big factor in the final price tag. Getting over to the car wash matters, especially if your vehicle is frequently driven in rain, parked underneath trees, or doesn’t otherwise have covered parking in that Phoenix, AZ sun. Preserve the paint job and other exterior details by using products that are exclusively for auto exteriors and start including car waxing into your routine. Make the outside shine!

Don’t forget about the interior, either. Vacuum every nook and cranny, shampoo any damaged carpet, remove all personal items so that the car is ready for the next buyer, and make it smell clean!

Figure Out Your Car's Condition

While your car may look great, and you think it drives well, it’s value will really come down to it’s condition; how it runs mechanically, and whether it’s in need of significant repair or reconditioning.

You can obtain a rough guide to the potential mechanical condition of your car via KBB’s or Edmunds’ 5-point condition and quality scales, or by using KBB car condition quiz . These guides will give you an immediate result, but are subjective based on your understanding of the car’s mechanical ability. Alternatively, you can take it to a mechanic for an assessment.

Why Choose Valley Car Group

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