Do you have a car that’s a few years old? Believe it or not, the resale value is depreciating every month! However, with proper care and maintenance,  a great resale value can be achieved! A quality car deserves to be treated well and the tips below can help you maintain its value.

Keep It Clean

Nothing makes a car lose value more than dirt does. Your car should receive regular care and detailed cleanings in addition to the usual washing. A clean, shiny car will always feel newer, and will look sharper. Having the car detailed will remove dirt from every nook and cranny. It will also keep the interior quality in good standing, which will maintain its value.

Regular Tune Ups

A well tuned engine keeps any car performing optimally and ensures good fuel economy. This will also keep the engine in good standing and will provide documentation of regular maintenance history. This is great to have when you decide to trade in or sell your car because it shows you properly took care of it!

Brakes and Suspension

As a car ages, it requires a longer distance to stop when braked. It also becomes less comfortable as its suspension system depreciates. When the brakes are kept sharp and efficient, and the suspension upgraded at reasonable intervals, a used car will perform as optimally as when it was new. This is something you’ll notice on every ride.

Keep It Sharp

Think about it, no one wants to a buy a used car with a terrible paint job. Keep your car looking nice! Regularly waxing and cleaning your car will make the paint last longer and look better.


Finally, electronics can make or break a car in terms of trade in or resell value! Technology advances rapidly, so if your car is more than a couple years old, odds are your stereo is already outdated. Upgrades like this can significantly increase the value of your car.   By making these small changes, you could significantly increase or maintain the value of your car! If you’re interested in selling your car, Valley Car would love to buy it! We promise to stick to the KBB fair value range, and won’t offer you anything less than that. Want to see how much your car is worth today? Just click here!