The countdown is almost over! Are you ready for Super Bowl Sunday? To ensure your watch party is unforgettable, we put together a list of the best food to serve! Continue reading to learn what they are!

Pigs in a blanket

Let's be honest, pigs in a blanket are a household staple. They are easy to cook and can be made into perfect bite-sized pieces. No one on Earth has ever shown up to a party and been upset to see pigs in a blanket! Click here for an amazing recipe!

 Salsa dip

Continuing the trend of things that are impossible to hate, a great dip goes a long way at a Super Bowl party. This recipe is so easy to make and is a huge fan favorite.

Buffalo Chicken dip

This relatively new trend is changing the Super Bowl game. In its purest form, it’s a blend of four main ingredients we love – Buffalo wing sauce, ranch dressing, cheese and chicken. There are well over a billion variations of these dips on Pinterest so just search for any and get to mixing – this dish is impossible to mess up. You could literally mix chicken, cheddar cheese, ranch dressing and Franks Red Hot and it would taste good.


We’re going to lump all of these together because every good Super Bowl party should have a variety of them. Pies, cookies, cake and whatever else you can think of should be included on the menu for the big game. A bit of sweetness in between various dips and meat is a nice touch.   Do you have a staple Super Bowl appetizer that we didn't mention? Tell us in the comments below!